General Questions

Please see a list of some of our frequently asked questions

Can I have matching railings and/or pedestrian side gate?


Yes, we can produce any form of NEAT gate that you require – tell our surveyor what you want and it will be included within your quotation. Note that a pedestrian gate, whether part of or separate from the main entrance gate, can also be automated (or simply given an electronic lock for automatic release on command).

Should I have a pedestrian gate?


Most people don’t have one and this is fine. If your entrance allows it a pedestrian gate is an ideal way to allow children etc in and out from the property without opening the gates each time. An additional pedestrian gate is recommended for multi-use properties. It is even possible to open a single leaf from a pair of gates, allowing pedestrian but not vehicular access.

What if my entrance isn’t wide enough to include a vehicular and pedestrian gate, but I don’t want to have to keep opening the former for pedestrian entry?


Certain automation systems can solve this problem beautifully. Any single device can be allocated to provide pedestrian opening of one gate leaf. This allows pedestrians to enter but still inhibits a vehicle.

Can my gates and railings be in any colour I want, and will they be weather resistant?


Yes. Gates can be delivered in any RAL colour. We offer a range of standard colours, plus hundreds of optional colours. Powder coating provides a reliable long lasting superb finish. As the gates are aluminium and the hinges are high quality stainless steel, everything is fully weather resistant in all conditions. We can even offer a range of wood finishes in addition to the powder coating. These are superb and look just like the real thing, but without any warping, shrinking or on going maintenance that is associate with a natural product.

What type of gate is best - Swing or Sliding, inward or outward opening - and which would suit my entrance?


A main factor which will influence this will be the ground levels surrounding the entrance, and the available room around the entrance area. Try to avoid outward opening gates as this presents numerous difficulties. Sliding gates are very secure and robust, and are also useful in areas where high winds are common. Swing gates are the most commonplace choice.