Why Choose Aluminium?

Your gate is not only your first line of defense for your house, it’s also the first thing your guests see.  So it’s important you make the right choice.

So what are the benefits of choosing aluminium to be the material of choice for your gate?

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Our gates are made from 100% recyclable reinforced aluminium.  It’s the same material used in high use modes of transportation such as cars and planes!

Aluminium gates from NEAT can be used for both residential or commercial premises.

  • Entrance gates
  • Driveways
  • side entrance gates
  • automated or manual

Benefits of Aluminium.

Aluminium is light

Aluminium gates are lightweight – But just how lightweight?

Aluminium gates are up to 3x lighter than steel and iron gates. This means they are easier to install, cheaper to run on a motor if automated and most importantly, easier for the user to open and close.  This is very beneficial for anyone with kids or elderly parents using the gates

Aluminium is strong

Despite being lightweight, Aluminium gates are strong with its high strength to weight ratio.

Our gates are weather resistant 

NEAT Aluminium gates are weather resistant, the powder coating gives anti corrosion abilities. Aluminium will form a natural oxide layer. This gives it some resistance against corrosion. But by powder-coating an aluminium gate, we can prevent this low level of oxidisation. At the same time, powder-coating creates a seal against water and air exposure.

Aluminium is very low maintenance

Aluminium gates are very low maintenance. A quick wash with soapy water once every so often will do!

Aluminium gates are Durable

Overtime, it’s natural for other gates to be worn with a combination of high use, passing traffic and young children kicking footballs off them.  NEAT Aluminium Gates are made with reinforced aluminium, making them extremely durable.  If any part of the gate does happen to get scratched or bumped, they are very easily fixed.

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